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How Not to Get a Cavity

Dr. Lee's NEW Children's book is out!

"How Not to Get a Cavity" is available on and Ingramspark. Get your copy today!

🦷After a decade of being in practice, raising two kids and treating patients with cavities and gum disease in the forefront, Dr. Lee realized there is a missing link - we are not preventing and educating soon enough. Prevention is everything when it comes to oral health care, so she created this book to focus the essentials of dental hygiene. 🦷

This book focuses on the WHY and the HOW of oral hygiene. 

🌟WHY do cavities and gum disease happen 

🌟HOW can we prevent them

It is educational, interactive, engaging, colorful, and easy to read!

Healthy baby teeth lead to healthy adult teeth, and healthy habits start early. This book can be used in classrooms, and read to children at home. Keep this on the bookshelf as a reminder and companion for your children. Knowledge is power and this book empowers the reader to take action on prevention. It teaches that we are not helpless against cavities and gum disease. 

The book is full of insider tips and facts even grown-ups can learn from, and even has a catchy song at the end to help you remember some of them.   

Warning: This book may motivate kids to start eating healthier, brushing and flossing!


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