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BOTOX as a Therapeutic

You've heard of using BOTOX to soften lines and wrinkles. But did you know we can use BOTOX as a Therapeutic?


OUTCOME/ Benefit


​Pain relief

Pathologic Clenching and Bruxism, leading to trauma, attrition, etc.

Injections into temporalis and masseter muscles help alleviate the symptomatology of bruxism

Trigeminal Neuralgia

relieve headaches and pain

TMJ Disorders

ease and reduce pain and relax the muscle, leading to less wear on teeth and restorations

Oromandibular dystonia movement disorder

Improves function of chewing and speaking

Masseteric Hypertophy - increased size of muscle; jaw looks swollen or misshapen

relaxes the muscle; creates symmetry and has jaw slimming effect

Gummy Smile or lip deformities

decreases elevation of upper lip; Lip Flip for patients who cannot tolerate intraoral devices.

Myofascial pain

Injections into painful muscles inhibit muscle contraction


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