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5 Surprising foods and drinks that help prevent cavities


The results of a study published in General Dentistry showed that there was a significant change in plaque pH after consuming dairy products; cheese was found to have the highest plaque pH compared to milk and yogurt after 30 minutes of consumption. This means that cheese has anti-cavity properties because it raises pH levels, which leads to an increase in calcium and triggers saliva formation, helping to re-harden enamel.


While chewing regular gum is the cause of cavities, the consumption of sugar-free gum with xylitol can prevent plaque build-up. Xylitol, an additive known as a natural sweetener that fights bacteria that causes cavities, can significantly reduce tooth decay. In a review published in the journal Dental Education, several clinical studies were evaluated that claimed sugar substitutes can help prevent cavities.


Milk can help bring up pH levels lost while consuming sugary foods and drinks. In a study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association, researchers examined the effects of whole milk, apple juice, or tap water after 20 adult participants ate Fruit Loops cereal. The adult participants were told to not brush their teeth for 24 hours in order to allow plaque to build up on their tooth enamel to effectively test out their theory. The results of the study showed that milk helped to strengthen the participants' teeth and weaken the acidic levels after the cereal consumption.


The consumption of green tea or black tea after having a sugary treat can reduce cavities by preventing plaque build-up and inhibiting bacteria. The leaves of the Camilla sinensis plant in tea has been linked to preventing tooth decay due to its anti-cavity properties, according to Kenyon College.


Coconut Oil is great. I personally use coconut oil for all of my cooking. Because of its anti-bacterial properties, coconut oil can help prevent cavities too!


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